Chicago Blower

Chicago Blower Corporation (CBC) manufactures many different types of fans and blowers. Our products are used in heating, ventilating, pollution control and air conditioning in various applications such as helicopters, locomotives, hospitals, steel mills, and processing plants just to name a few. You can find our fans around the world in, for example, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia (the worlds tallest buildings), the Pentagon, and in Chicago on the elevated tracks with the CTA, at McCormick Place and in the United Airlines terminal at O'Hare. A defining moment in our history occurred in 1952 with an engineering breakthrough. We were the first fan company to design and sell, into commercial markets, a centrifugal fan blade with an airfoil shape. This new shape meant that our fans could produce the same airflow requirements as our competition but with twenty percent less energy usage…and they were quieter. The airfoil advantage lead to the twenty-one basic product lines we have today which can be manufactured in thousands of different combinations. Another milestone was reached in March 1998 when CBC became certified to ISO 9001, an internationally recognized standard for quality.The company was founded February 1947. What began with only four employees in a small Chicago factory grew so that in 1952 the company was moved to Franklin Park, Illinois where it stayed for sixteen years. We outgrew that plant and in 1968 moved to our present location. We have so far expanded the plant twice and own enough surrounding property to expand many more times.Our Glendale Heights plant is the center of CBC's operations where Engineering, Fabrication, Inside Sales, Accounting, Purchasing, and testing facilities are maintained. We have over 100 manufacturers' representatives selling for us throughout the United States and Canada as well as international licensees in twenty-nine other countries who manufacture and sell our products.

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